About Us

IILM is an Undergraduate college in Delhi for Business and Entrepreneurship. Located at the heart of national capital, IILM was established in 1993. The foundation of the renowned BBA Institute   was laid with an aim of delivering quality pedagogy in undergraduate programs for Business, Management and Entrepreneurship.

IILM has been accredited by South Asia Quality Improvement System (SAQS) which was further developed as a special project by the collaborative efforts of Association of Management Development Institutes of South Asia (AMDISA) and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

IILM has also been ranked 16th in the 3 Palmes category by Eduniversal in 2014. This ranking confirms our status as the best Indian business school in Delhi. We have an innovative curriculum that uses creative pedagogy in the teaching and learning process. We have multidisciplinary approaches extended towards comprehensive learning techniques for the 3- year undergraduate program conducted for aspirants.

All our efforts and manifestations as a result, stem from the integration of designed thinking into management education to nurture those who want to pursue entrepreneurial dreams, extend their family businesses or pursue their higher education abroad.  We have established ourselves as one of the best colleges for BBA in Delhi with our International Program providing distinctive exposure which continuously upgrades and upscales the qualitative and quantitative approach of students and also provide them numerous opportunities to spread our educational endeavors on a global platform.

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