The already flourished businesses are now looking forward to gaining competitive edge through analyzing every customer click, tweet, like and post to formulate global and virtualized supply strategies while developing personalized products and services.

We at IILM, help the student to think beyond the traditional business intelligence by embracing and learning new propositions built around social, mobile and business analytics which helps them to take a better strategic decision for their businesses.

Also, a flexible teaching methodology of blended learning environment is practiced which helps all the students to move at the same pace.

The students get the insight to the following:

  1. Enhance Digital Customer Experience and leveraging technology in their respective businesses.
  2. Students are motivated to work on a productivity issue in B2B or B2C business. They identify an opportunity area in any business process and analyze it by leveraging technology.
  3. The Objective is to streamline backend operations through technology and increase the operational efficiency.
  4. The new startup’s orientation is created through a hands-on on Spy Fu, SemRush, GoogleTrends and various other analysis.