Foreign Faculty

Our curriculum is stipulated by the Swiss Business School and holds merit internationally.  The modules have been systematically developed to meet not only the standards set by our partner but also by the high standards that IILM sets for itself.

Our modules are delivered by a mix of highly qualified in house as well as visiting foreign faculty. The in house faculty are experts in their fields, with PhDs in their areas of specialisation or a number of years of industrial experience making them capable of imparting a wealth of knowledge to our students. The faculty student ratio of 1:4 also ensures that all our students get the individual attention they require to clarify all their doubts and gain the maximum learning from what our faculty has to offer.

Over and above our in house faculty, we have international faculty who visit from our partner universities. They deliver guest lectures in our modules in areas of their expertise, adding value in terms of international perspectives and methods of delivery. This gives students an exposure to international pedagogy, an added exposure that IILM provides to its students.

The modules are aimed at providing students with as much practical knowledge and exposure as possible so that there is maximum learning. The first year modules include basic modules aimed at strengthening basics and bringing all students on to the same page. Modules include English, Information Systems, Accounting, Law for Business Professionals, Economics, Principles of Finance, Managerial Statistics, among others.

Second year modules become as little more advanced and include modules like Human Resource Management, Marketing, Advanced Accounting, Venture Capital and Private Equity, International Economics, and Strategic Sales Marketing. Third year modules shift focus to Entrepreneurship and global business and includes modules like Family Business Management, Strategic Marketing, Business in a World Economy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Planning and Budgeting.

Over the course of the three years of the program, the students also have to study a foreign language. This adds to their portfolio as knowing a foreign language is a great advantage in today’s global business environment. The students are given the option of French or German and they start with the basics. At the end of the 3 years, they are trained to the proficiency of attaining a certification from Max Muller Bhawan or Alliance François to add to their achievements.

In keeping with our focus on practical learning, company visit modules form a part of the curriculum in the first 2 years wherein the students visit companies in small groups and interact with employees from various departments to gain an understanding of the workings of a company from the actual people who work there. It gives them a practical understanding of various industries and departments within organizations.

Case studies and simulations are regularly incorporated into the module structure so that students can test their understanding of concepts and theories and have active discussions about the same with faculty and peers.

At the end of the program, our students are equipped with the understanding of theories of business both theoretically and practically, ready to incorporate their learning into their family businesses or into ventures of their own.

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