International Transfers Program by IILM

Among the numerous opportunities available at IILM Undergraduate Business School, International Transfers are the most exciting and career enhancing ones. Under this initiative of IILM-UBS, students are given opportunity to study abroad in the university of their choice.

In today’s world, such exposure at undergraduate level is pertinent to groom the younger generation to become globally sensitized to the global business ecosystem.  Learning and understanding new cultures, studying a discipline with a global perspective, improving foreign language skills, and seeking out new challenges are the significant benefits of international transfers for the students.

International programs are the stepping stones for global awareness and students can opt from several tailor-made options. International Transfers programs at IILM give students a distinct and definitive advantage. International Exchange offers great opportunity to travel and gain a global business perspective and experience of various cultures.

Advantages of International Transfers Program

  • Better jobs/higher status as employers give more importance to global study experience of the students
  • Students earn a globally recognized degree from recognized universities in UK, USA, Canada Switzerland and other countries
  • International transfers is a unique opportunity to gain excellent global exposure, widening the domain of thoughts, abilities and practices of the students
  • The program offers a gateway to visit international universities on completion of 1st or 2nd year at IILM
  • Foreign education at 1/3rd cost
  • Develops skills for international education in the students
  • Students get opportunity to work abroad
  • Along with the international degree, students get experience of thinking critically and creatively about various business issues
  • Students get chance to interact face-to-face with foreign university delegates
  • Students who successfully complete their course work receive a certificate of their participation
  • Students get experience of international business and get prepared for the challenges of world economy

IILM’s International Transfers Program enables students to study abroad with partner universities after completion of 1st or 2nd year of their study program. These programs allow students to complete a semester or term of their academic program at the partner international university. Through this program, students get exposure to global environment, foreign cultures and a diverse learning approach. The program is highly rewarding for the learners.

International Transfer Program offered by IILM at a foreign university provides students in-depth understanding of the inside working of global corporations. This program at international university of the student’s choice includes a short but comprehensive study related to global business environment, and visits to the leading corporations.  The program is blended with cultural aspects, so that the management students get the necessary awareness of the different perspectives of global economy.

IILM’s International Transfers/ Exchange programs are currently held with below international universities:

  • Middlesex University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Regent’s university London
  • EM Normandie
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