Summer Internship Program at IILM Undergraduate Business School

IILM Undergraduate Business School students are provided with summer internship at top-level companies as part of their curriculum. Summer internship program is aimed at widening the student’s perspective by providing real – world exposure of the organizational situations.

Summer Internship program

Internship is an important part of management studies because this is the time when students are exposed to the realities of the corporate world. These internship programs are not just about having work experience but it’s all about gaining, learning and working in the corporate sector.

A Summer Internship is:

  • A structured work experience related to the career goal of students
  • Provides experience for a student’s academic and personality development
  • Supervised by the industry professionals and experts

Summer Internship programs provide practical training to students in an industry to gain experience and understand their interests as well as areas of improvement. We at IILM understand that having theoretical knowledge is not enough to start a new venture. Case studies and practical simulations cannot replace learning and training practices before/during job. Learning at an organization allows students to understand about the do’s and don’ts to be successful at workplace.

Internship at IILM

All the students at IILM Undergraduate Business School undertake a summer internship program at the end of academic year. They submit a project report detailing about their learning from industrial experience. Summer Internship is an important component of education at IILM. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the institute and the corporate world.

During summer internship, students are exposed to technical skills to help them acquire the business skills. They are brought in contact with the real professionals and entrepreneurs of various industries.  For proper coordination and smooth conduct, each student at IILM is put under the guidance of faculty.

Internship introduces students to real world business situations that cannot be stimulated in the classrooms. During summer Internship program, students are encouraged to take up multi-disciplinary, time-bound and goal-oriented assignments involving team work.  Solutions to several problems confronted in the assignment might be open-ended, that involves analytical thinking, processing and decision making in uncertain conditions. This all helps in improving decision making and managerial skills of the students.

Objectives of summer internship programs

  • Provide students exposure to MNCs
  • Increase the employability of students
  • Make them best fitted for corporate sector and global markets
  • Provide competitive edge to the students

Benefits of Internship programs

  • Students get opportunity to work on real-life issues in actual work environment
  • Expand theoretical knowledge of students with challenging practical experience
  • Students work independently on projects
  • Development of leadership quality, team-work and other work-related skills in students
  • Students learn the skills to make decisions in various business critical situations
  • Students also get opportunity to earn while learning

    Some of the Companies where our students have Interned:

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