Life here is not restricted to just classrooms but also constitutes a myriad of activities like extracurricular pursuits, leadership roles, spirited athletics and artistic endeavours.

The Student clubs at the Undergraduate Business School act as the network-lifeline for the entire IILM commune. You can be a part of a number of these clubs. The wide variety of Student Clubs reflects the diversity of our Institute. The Clubs give you the chance to gain invaluable leadership and life skills.

In addition to connecting you with others who have similar interests, you have a platform to interact with alumni and professionals in your field of interest, helping you to build formal and informal networks. These activities under the aegis of various student societies are essentially student driven. The students put together their effort towards an annual inter college festival called the “iFest”, wherein participation is witnessed from premier undergraduate and post graduate colleges from all over India.

Being involved in a university club or society can involve a range of duties and roles which will you to gain a range of skills and experience including Administration skills , Transferable skills e.g. communication and public speaking skills; organizational skills; experience of negotiation and conflict management and team work skills and most importantly hold positions of responsibility.

Students may engage and volunteer in the following clubs on basis of their interest.

This club is designed to give exchange students a short term experience of India while they study; this programme facilitates an academic insight, cultural exposure, industry engagement and overall development of the participant. It also helps in developing global perspective amongst the students.

The Cultural Club at IILM aims at promoting the creativity and talent of the students and sensitizing them towards the rich and diverse culture of the country. Annual events like Dandiya Night , Theatre and Dance Competitions , Rocktober Fest etc and celebration of Festivals has been a regular yet exciting feature of the club. This is one of the most active club at IILM.

Marketing club is the most sought after club at IILM, since it plans events like Marketing Fair, Marathon, Marketing Seminar, Marketing World Cup (Quiz) and gives many opportunities to the students to connect with the corporate world and provides plenty of insights to the students.

NGO and Environment clubs are one unit at IILM. The activities broadly conducted by the club are Donations, Tree Plantation, NGO fair, Traffic control, AIDS awareness campaign and other awareness campaigns concerning the society at large.

Dalal Street, Budget Analysis, Workshop on Financial Planning, Live Stock Market Trading, Seminar on career options in finance are the major events of Finance club that attract students toward this club since these activities provide them huge learning opportunities.

Activities of this club will revolve around conducting quizzes and holding debates. Both events will revolve around topics of Current Business, Political and Economic issues. The club activities will help students in overall grooming of their personality, and will also tremendously aid their interview and GDs preparation.

Sports club encourages our students to develop their sports skills in various outdoor and indoor games like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton and Volley ball. Our college has grounds for each of these sports. The club also encourages the students to participate in Inter College and Intra College sports competitions.

Current Affairs Club aims to increase the interest and knowledge of current affairs of IILM students. Its purpose is to provide its members a platform to discuss recent local and global issues. This club enables its members to update themselves regarding the economic and business environment and thereby helping them in preparation for placement group discussions and interviews.

ILM Entrepreneurship club is formed with an aim to develop entrepreneurial attitude and encourage creative and innovative thinking among students at IILM. The main objective is to promote entrepreneurship as a viable career path after the MBA. To achieve this, the club will organize a series of events where students can network with successful entrepreneurs and learn from their experience. The club will also works closely with different organizations in Delhi/NCR to help students meet entrepreneurs and foster future collaborations between them. The club will also encourage IILM alumni to mentor capable students and help them grow into successful entrepreneurs. Anyone who believes in the power of a great idea and is passionate about entrepreneurship is most welcome to become part of this club.

The club aims to help students learn digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), App Development etc. Students will get hands-on experience on how to execute a social media campaign on Facebook, Google search, Twitter and aim to achieve the desired results. It will also provide students a platform to execute their business knowledge digitally. The mentioned skills will also help the students grow their professional network which will help them in getting employment.

This club has designed a series of education camp activities with different themes for students to experience learning in the campus and natural outdoor environment. These exciting and adventurous activities will develop the student’s ability at an individual and personal level, and allow them to take on greater challenges socially and academically.

The students at the HR Club work actively by inviting and interacting with the industry through sessions with distinguished speakers in the form of panel discussion, seminars and equip themselves for HR roles in the corporate.

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