Business and Entrepreneurship is not about learning definitions and theories, and drawing out diagrams. It’s about understanding concepts and putting them to practise. And that’s what our program, BBA in Entrepreneurship, is all about, which is also the best undergraduate degree course to peruse after class 12th.

At IILM, we understand the needs of an entrepreneurial aspirant. We understand that industry interactions, practical application, and global exposure are integral parts of developing the innovative streak in our students. Hence, our program is designed to provide the same.

Our collaboration with the SBS Swiss Business School earns our students an international degree at the end of the 3-year program. The modules are tuned towards equipping the students with skills and knowledge required to run their family businesses more effectively and efficiently or start new business ventures successfully.  Company visits provide scope for interactions with people on the job, whereas summer internships enable students to get hands on learning in the real world.

Case studies and simulations are incorporated into our modules so that students can test their concepts in a lively and interactive environment. Discussions are encouraged so that new ideas can be put forth and feedback received not only from faculty, but also from peers. New perspectives and ideas are encouraged and fine tuned in order to boost innovative thinking.

With the boom of ‘Make in India’, our economy is all set for a rise in young entrepreneurs. At IILM, we do our best to boost this new generation so that our country can reach new heights of greatness.

During the 3 years program, students get to study the following subjects:

Equivalent to Undergraduate Degree of Delhi University

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BBA in Entrepreneurship Courses

We are living in an era of social transformation stemming from global amalgamation of economy, business and trade. The changing times have come with great challenges both from corporate and entrepreneurial aspect, and hence there is a need for an academia to help aspiring entrepreneurs use their potential and skills to embark on an entrepreneurial venture.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship is designed to offer budding entrepreneurs the knowledge base and prowess to establish and run their own business empires. The significance of entrepreneurship as a fundamental tool for sustainable economic growth and development of a country is manifested in terms of recent and rapid increase in the number of startups in India and worldwide.

Growing competitions across the industries, the dynamic environment of business activities, the significant influence of the Government policies on the economy and various other interrelated factors collectively have translated into a need for a well-structured academia to understand and assess the role of factors stimulating successful entrepreneurship and its impact on social and national development. BBA in Entrepreneurship is a course covering all the aspects of running and owning one’s business and taking it to the zenith of success.

The objective of entrepreneurship courses is to encourage and boost the idea of entrepreneurship through conscientiously prepared and success-oriented academic curriculum that imparts organizational, managerial and operational, and strategy planning skills to successfully to launch new projects in the form of startups. An idea worthy of entrepreneurial success fails in the absence of efficiency in its execution and to prevent that from happening, scholastic exposure and knowledge is of utmost importance. In addition to the academic aspects, the personal attributes such as problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, etc. of an aspiring entrepreneur must also be nurtured meticulously and the entrepreneurship courses do that ideally and aptly for comprehensive development of the students.

The Government initiatives such as “Make in India” and “Startup India, Standup India” for the purpose of job creation and economy value addition have propelled the wheels of entrepreneurial aspiration in the country. The 3-year BBA in Entrepreneurship at IILM is a pioneering program for ambitious students who will leave no stone unturned in making right efforts to realize their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs and role models for posterity.

“IILM is more than a Business School, it’s like a home. With a strong sense of belonging, you become a part of an innovative, passionate and motivated community, dedicated to help you achieve your dreams”.

Karanvir Singh Chauhan, American Embassy School, IILM UBS 2015-18
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