In this fast-moving world of today with ever-increasing competition and dynamic business scenario, learning must be on a global scale. With the broadening of curricula, the system of education has undergone rapid transformation to meet the growing needs of business diasporas. Studying abroad is an opportunity of vast learning and exposure giving a broad insight into various aspects of life vis-à-vis culture, society, lifestyle, etc. but most importantly from an aspiring entrepreneur’s viewpoint, overseas exposure leads to analysis of a business plan through exchange of ideas and thoughts with people from diverse background.

An idea potentially apt in theory for an entrepreneurial and business success may not in practice be viable unless considered from different facets, one of them being global and long-term feasibility. Globalization demands entrepreneurship to be expanded and extended globally so study abroad after school helps the prospective entrepreneurs to gain valuable experience. International exposure being the highlight of our curriculum at IILM, we ensure our students get the best study abroad opportunity. Our BBA in Entrepreneurship course serves as a key to unlocking global opportunities through a 4-Week study program in Europe or Canada. IILM is committed to offering quality and exposure-bound education to pioneering entrepreneurs for their inclusive growth.

The recent time has seen a massive increase in entrepreneurship with many startups being founded and established periodically that scripts stories of excellence and inspiration. What sets the successful entrepreneurs apart from others is their ability to think out-of-the-box and deliver accordingly, catering appropriately to the needs of the consumers. It reflects the need to study market trends both domestically and overseas, and so to emerge as a successful business magnate, one must opt for a course that offers foreign exposure. Study BBA in UK or Study BBA in Canada, IILM offers opportunity to visit both the countries that are two of the economic powerhouses in the world. The United Kingdom and Canada are popular destination for education and with a diverse and promising socio-cultural environment; these countries have plenty to offer. Delve into ocean of infinite learning and exposure, study abroad after class 12th through BBA in Entrepreneurship program at IILM.

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