IILM UBS Philosophy

Entrepreneurs are not always born but are also created: Inspired by this belief, Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) is formulated at IILM. The EDC aims to encourage entrepreneurial mindset among students, the leaders of tomorrow and guide them in achieving their goals. It helps in developing and strengthening entrepreneurial qualities in the students who want to start their own venture or scale up their family business. It provides a strong platform to assist budding entrepreneurs at every single step from ideation, validation, development to commercialization of their innovative ideas. In nutshell, the focus of EDC is to guide students to take entrepreneurship as a career, as a road to success, as a journey towards realization of their dreams.


  • Create, foster and promote entrepreneurial spirit among the students.
  • Inspire and integrate a culture of innovation through a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Create employers and entrepreneurs.
  • Build leadership skills among students to enhance their entrepreneurial competencies.


How is this achieved?

This is achieved through the host of initiatives including personalized mentoring, interaction with domain experts, live company projects, workshops, events, and conferences, thought evoking activities/games, networking, sessions with start-up founders and simulations to initiate and develop the entrepreneurial spirit among students.

Events and Activities

Annual Entrepreneurship Conference

On April 7, 2017———–

EDC organized Annual Entrepreneurship Conference with the theme ‘Mobilizing Entrepreneurial Thinking in an Uncertain World’. It provided a platform for students to interact with successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders who shared their entrepreneurial journey with the budding entrepreneurs and inspired them to turn their dreams into reality. Students also got an opportunity to connect with young and nimble start-up owners and understand how to translate their ideas into meaningful action. In addition, it helped the students to learn the importance of patience, perseverance and hard work as critical success factors to attain success.


On November, 16 &17, 2016——–

Following are the highlights of the event:

Day 1: Among the speakers were the founder of Angels in my Kitchen Bakery, Mr. Bijoy Kr Majhi, Mr.Sumit Baid, founder, Looks21 and Mr.Arjun Bhardwaj, PGDM student from the 2014-16 batch, LR Campus. Towards, the end of the day a game was organized for the students wherein students were divided into groups and were asked to present their Luxury Business Ideas. It provided an opportunity to students to express their ideas in a real-life scenario.

Day 2: The First speaker of the day was Divya Chaudhary, PGDM 2nd year student of IILM, LR Campus. She revealed how she conceptualized her start-up idea and the support extended by IILM Incubation center and faculty members to launch the venture successfully. This was followed by a session by eminent speakers including Mr. Pawan Kapoor, CEO/Chairman of JV International and Kanika Tekriwal, Founder Jetsetgo were invited. Also, Alumni of IILM LR campus 2008-2011 UBS batch, Mr. Tarun Arora, Founder – Niche Cafe and Bar, Ms. Tanya Kathuria, Founder – Luxury Statement Jewellery by TI Couture and Ms. Neha Singh, Founder – Freelance Graphic Designer @ NS Design were invited. They motivated the students to identify what they were passionate about and follow their passion religiously to become achievers.



On February 24, 2017 ————-

A session was organized on ‘Opportunity in India and World’ which helped the students to learn about the ever-changing market environment and the new technologies that will shape the world.  For the next session, Parmeet Singh Sood – MD at CMX Group was invited who re-emphasized the importance of adapting in this disruptive world. This was followed by an activity on ‘Create-Release-Morph Game’ which provided students with an opportunity to create a new innovative product using surprise materials, test their product on potential customers, and then pitch their product to the judges.

On December 16, 2016————-

A session was organized on ‘Opportunity Recognition and Idea Generation’, wherein students learned the need to identify gaps in the market and turn it into a business opportunity. The second session talked about ‘Five habits of successful entrepreneurs’. The workshop culminated in an activity wherein groups had to come up with an idea and present it to everyone. Everyone was given Rs 100 to invest in different proportions to different ideas. There was a cash prize for the best idea which was decided based on the highest investment that any idea got.