Sports Scholarship @IILM

Focus, Resilience and Discipline are what make a great sportsperson. We recognize the inner motivation and fire to succeed and invite all sports achievers to avail the IILM Sports scholarship.

You are eligible for the scholarship if you have represented any sport at state or national level as part of a team or in individual capacity. Under this scholarship:

   ► Students will receive a 20% reduction in tuition fees for all programmes at IILM University, Gurugram or

   ► Students get an opportunity to pursue the International Degree programme at IILM Undergraduate Business School, Lodhi Road with scholarship upto 40% as recognition of talent.

In addition to providing students with quality education leading to a secure future, we also offer a platform to showcase your skills and train other fellow students.

Our alumni include: Olympic gold medalist, Abhinav Bindra; Youngest Mountaineer to climb Everest, Arjun Vajpai and India’s ace Lady amateur golfer, Gauri Monga. We encourage you to pursue your passion at IILM!

Come, inspire others!

Note: The scholarships are limited in number. Please apply with supporting documents to be considered for the scholarship.