IILM Undergraduate Business School is celebrating 25 Years: A heritage of laying a strong foundation for Business, Management and Entrepreneurship.

Located in Lutyens Delhi, IILM Undergraduate Business School is a college for Business and Entrepreneurship offering BBA in Entrepreneurship.

We have established ourselves as one of the best colleges for BBA in Delhi. With the Blended Global study program, students are able to get the international degree while studying in India.

Legacy of Creating Distinct Entrepreneurs and Visionary Leaders since 1993

IILM’s journey towards an integrated and responsible learning in management started in 1993. Today, after 25 years of its inception, IILM has been delivering superior quality education consistently and incessantly. It is this unique heritage spanning decades of excellence in higher education that sets us apart from other educational institutes. The IILM ethos is focused on identifying and nurturing the next generation of thought leaders through intuitive education and experimental learning.


IILM’s integrated and experiential BBA in Entrepreneurship curriculum not only provides a distinct opportunity to obtain an international degree while studying them in the campus but also helps experience an interface of the Global teaching methodologies through its 2-semester cross-border study program. It also offers International transfers for those who wish

A two-way innovative learning process, specialized mentoring and a robust international universities network facilitate those who take a stride in their businesses or look forward to a postgraduate degree from abroad.


IILM ranks 11th in the EdUniversal Ranking.

Its centrally located, safe and secure campuses located in New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Greater Noida. It is but a testament to IILM’s commitment to providing transformational education and the quality that the institute assures year after year, that EdUniversal ranked IILM as 11th among best Indian business schools in 2017. Also, its various institutes have been consistently ranked amongst the best B- Schools in the country.

IILM’s mix of nationalities, cultural backgrounds, academic and professional experiences make it one of the most exciting and enriching business schools in the country. Its long belief and efforts to prepare global managers who have cross-cultural training have become a benchmark for management institutes across the globe.

Established in 1993, IILM is ranked among one of the top B-Schools in the country and has 25 years legacy of academic excellence. BBA in Entrepreneurship Program at IILM aims to create successful entrepreneurs for tomorrow, by providing them the advantages of a robust curriculum, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Specialized Mentoring and Global Study Programs in two continents.

Workshops and conferences driven by the Entrepreneurship Development Centre at IILM focus on building acumen among students for responsible entrepreneurship and innovation – skills which are indispensable in today’s world. Global Study Program offered to the students after Year 1 and Year 2 serves as an excellent tool to expand their knowledge and awareness about international business.

The constant support of mentors is an asset for the students, as it helps them in gaining direction and necessary inputs to accomplish their goals related to Family Business, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, and Higher Education. Through its International Graduate Degree offered in collaboration with the SBS Swiss Business School (Switzerland), IILM also opens avenues for those who aspire to pursue Higher Education Overseas.

IILM with a strong base of over 9000 alumni gives its students an opportunity to expand their business network. IILM is ranked 11th by EdUniversal 3 Palmes of Excellence.