IILM Undergraduate Business School is celebrating 27 Years: A heritage of laying a strong foundation for Business, Management and Entrepreneurship.

aboutiilmAt IILM we give you a comfortable, congenial environment that helps unlock your potential & interest. We shape you to become the business leaders of tomorrow. The Intellectual abode will help you to define yourself in the current dynamic environment. You will be able to create a road map for yourself by exploring your talent, your passion, your goals and your personality. IILM supports you to envision and develop a path to your final destination. Building upon the IILM tradition of making successful business leaders, the IILM program will give you a foundation in developing abroadened mind-set through blended and experiential learning beyond classroom from our distinctive modules tailor-made to give a deeper insight of the practical world.

Located in Lutyens Delhi, IILM Undergraduate Business School offers:

► BBA in Entrepreneurship
► BBA in International Management
► BBA in Psychology
► BBA in Communication
► BBA in Business Management