Changing the way students learn
Engaging, challenging and fun, the curriculum combines the blended and experiential learning with cutting edge tools for business education.

Real Life Stock Market
An economy is a relation between demand & supply and availability of money. Stock Market eco system runs solely on money. Inevitably, it directly impacts the whole economic status of the nation. In India, almost 7000 companies are listed in the two leading stock exchange (NSE & BSE). During the Coved 19 pandemic, stock market attained ever highest peak making the study of stock market mechanism all the more important. This sub specialized area of finance, though very interesting yet very challenging promises direct benefit like raising capital for companies, creating wealth for investor, taxes for government,increasing the wealth and the overall standard of living in many economies. IILM picks up the real time data from the leading sites to explain and demonstrate to students the mechanism of the market creating thrill in the students for effective learning and keeping them updated with current market situation.

Business Simulations
Business Simulations allow students to experiment with business strategies, test business ideas, andexperience the consequences of their actions in a virtual business environment. As students apply thetheoretical knowledge they learn in the class to make strategic and tactical business decisions in the game, they develop skills critical to succeed in today’s business world.

Deep actionable knowledge and decision-making skills develop, when people have the chance to apply classroom theory in the real world, with its messy complexity, time pressures, and irreversible consequences and peer competition in the virtual world.
Simulations have been integrated in the courses to help students:
► Develop an understanding of business decisions by letting them apply business concepts in a competitive and risk-free environment
► Place emphasis on functional integration at the strategic and tactical levels
► Stimulate creative thinking
► Enhance interpersonal relationships via leadership and teamwork

Real Live Learning
Students work on live projects given by companies; for eg creating and managing the stock portfolios and many more. Company visits are an integral part of our curriculum. New environment and interaction with the company management provides an experiential learning experience for the students. It’s mandatory for students to undergo two company visits each semester. These visits are organized to provide an opportunity to form a connect between academics and practical business scenarios.