Preparing You for Success!

The Career Center will help students to launch their careers through a combination of academic courses and practical guidance. The Career Center aims at steering the students in the right direction for a successful professional life through a variety of endeavours such as alumni connect; career-focused advisory; interactions with people from various industries; support and guidance for starting their own enterprise; advice on managing family businesses.

Who We Serve

Students: Undergraduate and Postgraduate students can use the Career Center services from the first year to one year after graduation.
Parents: We encourage parents to interact with the Career Center to understand the skills and resources being offered and built at IILM to equip the students for success.

What We Do

Career Advisory: Career advisors available to work with the students every step of their career trajectory supporting and guiding in areas required.
Interactions: Interactions with professionals/entrepreneurs from various fields in informal/formal settings
Alumni Connect: Connect with alumni from various industries as mentors/ advisors.
International Education: Guidance and support to students wishing to study abroad
Career Courses: Career Center will deliver the following courses to first-year PG students:

► Intentional Networking
► Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
► Working With Emotional Intelligence
► Purposeful work and Life choices
► Design Thinking for Solving Business Problems
► Using Social Media for Business and Personal Growth

Who We Are

The Career Center Team will consist of the following members:

  • Director Career Center
  • First Member: To help search for career opportunities by guidance on various job-search platforms; improve employability by providing training on skills.
  • Second Member: To guide students on setting up their own ventures
  • Third Member: To connect students with Alumni
  • Fourth Member: To guide and support on New Age career opportunities (Technology )
  • Fifth Member: Psychologist