Student Engagaement


  1. Football match and Tug of War were two sports events organized for the undergraduate students of the IILM Business School, Lodhi Road Campus. Two winning teams of the first round – Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin participated in the final round with Salazar Slytherin winning the match. In Tug of War, the two qualifying teams for the final round – Godric Gryffindor and Helga Hufflepuff played in full spirit against each other, and Godric Gryffindor won the match.The students appreciated and enjoyed the sports events. All the participants wore the colors of their teams and played with great enthusiasm. A special note of appreciation goes to all the volunteers and Captains of the events, who helped in coordinating and organizing the event. They displayed great enthusiasm and team spirit. Their efforts in coordinating with the participants, arranging referee for the match, preparing the field for the games are being recognized.
  2. Chess Competition was organized for students of UBS. In both the tournaments, Team Hufflepuff stood as the winner. Archit Aggarwal, Stage 1 and Sarthak Aggarwal, Stage 2 represented the winning team. Team Gryffindor and Team Slytherin gained runner-up positions. Manvi Jain, Stage 1 and Tejas Kumar, Stage 3 represented Team Gryffindor and Team Slytherin respectively.
  3. Painting Competition was organized at the Campus. The theme was “life without technology”. All the paintings depicted varied ideas and thoughts. However, the underlying current indicated that life distanced from technology gives human beings a chance to get close to nature and cherish it. Team Ravenclaw won the competition and all the four participants – Manisha Koripelli, Mehak Suri, Parth Mediratta, Simran Rajpal got prize money and appreciation certificates.
  4. Donation Drive The great feeling of giving back to the society, thereby helping the ones who need it more than us, is a tradition which is very dear to IILM. Every year as a part of efforts to help the needy and bring a smile on their faces, the ICHHA club runs Donation Drives. The students, staff and faculty members wholeheartedly donated clothes, warmers, food items and stationery. The overwhelming collection was distributed among the helping staff. And the gleam in their eyes said it all.
  5. Blood Donation Camp was organized by ICCHA – NGO Club at IILM in association with Rotary Blood Bank. Several students and faculty members came forward to contribute to this noble cause. We congratulate all the donors and the organizing team for making it a successful event.
  6. Dandiya Night was organized to mark festival celebrations. The students from both UG and PG, dressed up in colorful traditional attire attended and enjoyed the fun-filled evening.
  7. Mata Ki Chowki: To mark respect for and celebrate the nine-day-long festival of Navratras, Mata ki Chowki was organized at the Lodhi Road Campus. Several students along with faculty and staff prayed together to get the blessings of the Divine.
  8. Group Discussion was organized for UBS students. The participants brought in a variety of thoughts and perspectives on the subject “Expressing on Social Media”. They well argued the pros and cons of using social media as a tool to share opinions. Parth Mediratta (SBS Stage 1), Kunal Chugh, Sanjoli Gullah, Sivgun Puri and Tejas Kumar (SBS Stage 3) were declared as winners.
  9. Painting and Poster Making Competition was organized for UBS students. The students were given the choice to pick a contemporary theme and demonstrate their thoughts. The participants represented their thoughts on terrorism, global warming, and blind-faith. The winner of the competition was Sarthak Chhatwal (SBS Stage 1). His candid thoughts around how terrorism is jeopardizing our world were much appreciated by the judges. He supplemented his poster with a series of facts on the subject.
  10. Ethnic Day – Festivities are incomplete without sweets and traditional attire”. To celebrate the festive mood, IILM Undergraduate Business School students dressed up in Ethnic Wear. They all looked vibrant and enjoyed their photo session at the Lodhi Road Campus. Somya Bajaj and Anmol Sethi (SBS Stage 1) won the recognition for Miss Best Dressed and Mr. Best Dressed respectively.
  11. Blind Drawing Competition was organized for IILM Undergraduate Business School students. Students partnered in teams and displayed a great level of coordination and teamwork to make the drawings following the hints shared by their respective team partner. Winners of the competition were Yukti Agarwal and Vinayak Gupta (Stage 1).
  12. Finotrade, a stock trading contest was organized for Undergraduate Business School students. A discussion on how stock market functions preceded the contest. Participants showed great enthusiasm for the event. The winners of the event were Vasundhara Jaiswal from Helga Hufflepuff and Pranav Jain from Salazar Slytherin and runner-ups were Gaigongrei Gangmei and Devesh Goel from Godric Gryffindor.
  13. FIFA PS4 Competition took place for Undergraduate Business School students. Participants displayed great enthusiasm for the event. The winner of the event was Lakshay Singhal, (UOB Stage 3) from Team Ravenclaw and runner-up was Jaspreet Singh (SBS Stage 2) from Team Slytherin.