Global1IILM UBS students participate in an experiential global learning programme of 7-10 days in economically interesting countries in Europe like Estonia, Croatia, Israel, and Shenzhen.

International Treks gives the students an opportunity to explore the economic, political, and cultural contexts of business in different regions of the world. The trek is a theme based (Manufacturing, Entrepreneurship& Innovation, Cultural etc) expedition, where they meet professionals from other countries, exchange ideas with business and government leaders from other parts of the world. This exposes them to potential career paths and broadens their understanding of the industries.

Global2International Trek Highlights:

► Curated programme based on a theme for a period of a 7-10 days organised by IILM.
► Classroom experience along with major emphasis on company visits, guest lectures & local excursion.
► Students accompanied by IILM faculty ensure familiar guidance and safety.

Global Study Program

Global3Keeping pace with the globalization environment, IILM offers the Global Study The purpose of Global Study is to give students a global exposure of teaching pedagogy, industry, and diverse cultures enabling them to expand their horizons and develop an international perspective. Cohort of students gets an opportunity to visit a partner school in Europe or Asia, complete course modules, develop skills for working in diverse teams, and understand and accept cultural diversity; hence this exposure stands them in good stead towards their progress for professional goals.