Our Program

If you have an entrepreneurial streak, IILM is the right place for you. An entrepreneurial mindset is an invaluable asset and with the right learning and guidance, you can kick-start your vision into a tangible reality. Learning at IILM is beyond the limits of a classroom teaching space.

With the SBS Swiss Business School curriculum, we aim at providing a stepping-stone for students and budding entrepreneurs to achieve the best in everything. We offer a holistic support system for students to achieve a competitive edge in the professional world. Our internationally recognized degree puts you a step ahead of everyone.

As a part of Curriculum, students experience learning beyond the classroom from IILM’s distinctive modules that are tailor-made to give a deeper insight of the practical world. The module of the subjects is drafted with a lot of rigger and research so that the gap between the academic and corporate evades.

The modules are tuned towards equipping the students with skills and knowledge required to run their family businesses more effectively and efficiently or start new business ventures successfully.  Company visits provide scope for interactions with people on the job, whereas summer internships enable students to get hands-on learning in the real world.

Case studies and simulations are incorporated in our modules to strengthen the concepts of students in a practical and interactive environment. Class discussions, Interactive circle, and soups exercises are encouraged so that new ideas can be put forth.New perspectives and ideas are encouraged and fine-tuned in order to boost innovative thinking.

With the boom of ‘Make in India’, our economy is all set for a rise in young entrepreneurs.


 -At IILM, we leave no stone unturned to carve the productive thought process of millennial with the strategic insights