Going Global – Moving beyond boundaries

There is a different World beyond domestic boundaries… Be ready to explore it with IILM…

To be a globally responsible leader, learning about cultures, organizations, and business practices around the world is must. IILM’sinternational exposure strengthens your knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experience to create economic and social value in your future endeavors. The four-week global study programme across 2 continents, helps you to examine diverse aspects of other cultures along with innovative methods of learning. The global study programme is an integral part of your academic program, that helps you gain the first-hand experience of living, studying and working abroad.This ensures that at the end of your three-year graduation programme, you are a confident, socially driven entrepreneur, capable of fulfilling leadership roles in a global context.

You can connect with the IILM Alumni at International universities pursuing Masters

Facts and Figures

  • In 2017-18, IILM UBS offered Global Study Program to all students in Germany and Canada.
  • 10 students are continuing their Graduation at Middlesex University and Regents University, UK (International Transfers after Year 2).
  • 10 International Visiting Faculty from our partner Institutions have delivered modules in different areas.
  • 30% of the 2014-17 students have progressed for higher education abroad.[I3]


Global Study Programme

At IILM we understand the importance of developing intercultural competency amongst our students. Most of our students either join their family business, start new ventures or head for their higher education abroad. To maximize their experience in each of the career paths chosen, we incorporated the Global Study Programme in the curriculum.

The Global Study Programme included Lectures on Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Digital Marketing by renowned faculty at our Partner Institutions.  The students are also taken for company visits and immersed in the local culture to help them understand the context.

In the past our students have attended programmes at the following partner Universities:

  • International School of Management, Germany – Hamburg, Dortmund and Stuttgart Campuses.
  • Seneca College, Canada – Toronto Campus

For the batch 2018-21, IILM will offer Global study programme on 2 continents – Europe, North America / Asia.  As part of the programme, students will be taken to our partner Institutions abroad after completion of the first and second year for two weeks each.