Specialized Mentoring:

mentoringAt IILM, guiding young minds in the right direction is of utmost importance to ensure that they achieve their full potential. Mentoring is an effective means to achieve the above objective. IILM’s MentoringProgram engages students and faculty in an environment that promotes students’ continuous growth & development and building of personal and professional capabilities.

A student enrolled at IILM is assigned a faculty member as mentor during their three year stay in the institute. The faculty mentors provide valuable, practical insight to the students about their strengths and how to enhance their skills that will help in making good career choices. This creates opportunity for the mentees to communicate informally with their mentors that go a long way in building them as the future business leaders and pride to their institution.

Counselling at IILM:

CounsellingIILM constantly endeavours to support its students’ development in various ways. The Learning and Development Unit (LDU) at IILM, is set up for the students. The focus is to provide direction for personal development through personality assessments, personal development workshops and one-on-one counselling.

At IILM with the help of professionally competent counselling psychologist the whole effort is toward enhancing the overall well-being of students by facilitating their emotional, interpersonal and intellectual development. The counselling psychologists listen carefully to the concerns of the students and provide them with emotional support and impart them with life skills that empower the students to navigate their way towards enhanced self-esteem and professional effectiveness.

The world today has several stressors and at times, coping with them while focusing on studies can get challenging. A trained counselling psychologist provides a listening ear that can really help develop improved coping skills to address emotional, interpersonal, and academic concerns.

Counselling helps students develop and achieve their academic and personal goals. Talking to the counselling psychologist helps students clarify issues, explore options, and cope more effectively. The Counselling psychologist at IILM is quite approachable on campus. It is easy to fix appointments with the counsellor through email or phone. Students find it easy to share their worries.