Course Objective: IILM offers a very established and accredited undergraduate degree program in Business Management with Monroe College, New York. It is a four year American degree program that you will be able to complete in 3 years’ time. Monroe’s BBA in Business Management Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. It offers six different minor specializations such as Accounting, finance, marketing, business law, sports management and human resource management. You will also be able to study an open elective which gives you an opportunity to choose from other courses and have a multi-disciplinary profile.

Program Highlights:

► Learn the essential skills and knowledge of business functions to better understand how organizations operate.

► Broaden your business acumen through courses in Finance, Law, Economics, Operations, and Marketing/Communications, among other areas.

► Pursue elective courses tailored to your areas of interest (starting in the 3rd semester)

► Understand the role of business in society, history, culture, and ideology

► Gain exposure and experience at IILM through extracurricular activities, such as club membership or taking a lead role that will develop your team-building, business & financial skills.

Career Prospects: With its focus on industry-focused curriculum and strong student-centric learning approach led by seasoned industry professionals, this program will help students jumpstart their career in business.

Course Structure:

Semester 1
► Introduction to Business
► Expository Writing
► Fundamental of Communication
► Marketing Foundations
► Integrated Business Applications

Semester 2
► Principles of Management
► Composition & Literature
► Quantitative Reasoning
► Principles of Financial Accounting
► Electronic Spreadsheets Applications

Semester 3
► Principles of Managerial Accounting
► Professional Writing & Presentation
► Finite Math & Linear Modelling
► Major Area Elective
► Liberal Arts Elective

Semester 4
► Integrating Business Concepts
► Macroeconomics
► Major Area Elective
► Major Area Elective
► Business Law

Semester 5
► Microeconomics
► Project Management
► Introduction to Entrepreneurship
► Statistics for Business
► Major Area Elective

Semester 6
► Global Business
► Business Management System
► Major Area Elective
► Advanced Spreadsheet
► Principles of Finance

Semester 7
► Open Elective
► Organisational Behaviour
► Major Area Elective
► Internship
► Introduction to Management science

Semester 8
► Business Policy & Strategy
► Advanced Speech Communications
► Major Area Electives
► Major Area Electives
► Open Elective