Admission Procedure

IILM’s Vision 2022

IILM will educate and develop innovative, entrepreneurial and responsible business leaders.

Our Mission:

We will offer with wider access, and in an inclusive and responsible manner

► An academically rigorous, practice and research supported, management education based on principled and ethical values, which maximizes the value add from entry to exit.
► An inspirational learning environment which fosters the understanding of disruptive, technological changes; challenges current assumptions, and encourages continuous innovation and learning.
► An outstanding practice based and work related learning experience which focusses on the application of knowledge and skills and is globally relevant.
► Personal mentoring which respects individuality and inspires students to become responsive and responsible business leaders.

We will facilitate business and management research that leads to the creation of actionable knowledge, improves the understanding of management practices and provides inspiration for entrepreneurship and innovation.


► A people’s policy that allows flexibility, understands individual needs, promotes respect, values integrity and teamwork, and is committed to employee development.
► A culture of continuous improvement and total quality that encourages creativity and innovation through collaboration and trust.
► A deep commitment to the value of global social responsibility and sustainability putting larger interests above our own.
► An appreciation of the cultural heritage and socio-economic diversity of India.

Key Themes :

► Commitment to an exceptional student experience
► Proactive alumni engagement
► International linkages that promote understanding and sensitivity to diverse markets and culture
► Safe environment and enabling infrastructure
► Transparent and seamless communication with students and parents, faculty and staff, alumni, and employers.