How to Nurture the Next Gen Business Leaders?

How to Nurture the Next Gen Business Leaders?

Today’s industry of business is constantly being occupied and explored by young talents who are zealously bringing evolution, invention and adding new dimensions to it. The success stories published today do not just revolve around well-established professionals but are more about the innovative young gen individuals. Matthew Mullenweg, the founder of the Word Press, Catherine Cook, the creator of, Blake Ross, the developer of Mozilla Firefox, are some of the blazing examples of highly influential next-generation business leaders. The contemporary business landscape has set much higheryet unique expectations from new players in the field. There is high emphasis being exerted on peripheral knowledge, hands-on experience, soft skills, people skills, and socio-emotional intelligence. So when it comes to fostering the next generation professionals, a multidimensional approach is the key to groom the aspirants with the desired skill set and prepare them for the demanding business environment. Discussed below are some of the essentialities that we believe are vital for nurturing the nation builders of tomorrow in the most appropriate way.

Integrated and Experiential Methodology            

The first and foremost step to preparing the next generation business leaders is to strengthen their foundation of knowledge. Today’s business world is fiercely unpredictable, and professionals are posed continuously with new trends and paradigms. Having said that, the need for inventiveness, imagination, and ingenuity is extreme in the present times, which only comes through a strong foundation of knowledge and learning. Business schools nowadays are thus required to focus on imparting integrated education and delivering industry-level training to business management students. The curriculum and pedagogy need to be loaded with a large percentage of applied or practical works and team projects in order to help candidates gain hands-on experiences and to enable them to lead ahead of time.

Empowering Students with Strong Management and Entrepreneurship Skills

The modern business environment is highly entrepreneurial, and as such, one of the foremost qualities that young minds need to thrive in this scenario is the ability to take a stand for themselves. A large percentage of young business professionals choose to be self-employed, and this requires the aptitude and courage to work and succeed independently. However, the highly competitive and highly saturating business environment of the twenty-first century makes it even more challenging for young entrepreneurs to accomplish their goals. In today’s time, when aspirants are looking forward to an entrepreneurial career, it is imperative that they treasure the ability to embrace risks, innovation, and creativity, and also foster a high sense of responsibility. These qualities come with time and experience, and this is the prime reason why management institutions should stress more on empowering students rather than just educating them. The process of empowering the students may include training on attitudinal, structural, and cultural activities, letting them take up more significant responsibilities, teaching them to manage complex business scenarios, and instilling in them the confidence and knowledge to go about implementing the necessary changes on their own.

Fostering Innovation Skills

One thing that is for sure is that the future business world will not completely bank on rote proficiency and theoretical skills of professionals. The significance of learning attitude will play a key role here, and so do the innovation skills. Critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration are what we often term as innovation skills. These innovations skills add a deepened dimension to one’s business insights. Innovation skills can be considered as an amalgamation of cognitive abilities, functional capabilities, behavioral skills, process knowledge, technical skills, and more. Encouraging activities and introducing lessons to polish these skills are highly crucial for the appropriate grooming of the future business workforce.

Nurturing and up-skilling the next generation business leaders in the right way requires an entirely innovative and a state-of-the-art approach which enables them to closely understand the nitty-gritty of the business arena. With twenty-five years of inception in the education world, we, at IILM Undergraduate Business School, ranked among the Best BBA Colleges in Delhi, are proud of our global standard methodologies and approaches, with which we have been successfully catering top-quality education and training to our students. At IILM UBS, we offer a highly dynamic, international level platform to our students which enables them to attain knowledge, experience, and insights beyond the academic acumen.

The integrated and blended methodology makes it possible for the students to witness the best of both the worlds, i.e. education world, as well as the industrial world. The success of our robust, industry-oriented approaches is evident in the diverse career domains that our alumni have registered feat in. Students at IILM UBS are not only provided with the finest of management education and training but are rather empowered and equipped to steer their professional lives in the most appropriate direction where they can thrive and grow to their fullest potential.