IILM Notes 30th July 2020

IILM Notes 30th July 2020

IILM Notes
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Thursday 30th July ‘20

A major overhaul of our ways of living is happening. Governments and policy makers, public health administrators, business leaders, scientists, and educators all need to rethink and reimagine how we emerge from this crisis stronger and create opportunities for the new world. In the new paradigm, leaders have a chance to rebuild the world and also people’s trust.

Economy and Business

Financial Times’ Chief Economics commentator, Martin Wolf and The World Bank Group’s Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, discuss the challenges before the global economy and how the ballooning debt and fragile state of international trade pose a great challenge to all countries. What Future Holds – COVID 19 and Global Economy

The BIG MAC index, invented by The Economist in 1986 as a lighthearted guide to whether currencies are at their “correct” level based on the theory of purchasing-power parity, is an interactive currency comparison tool that can be used  to decide size and fair value of currency. Burgernomics: The Big Mac index

The World Economic Forum’s community of nearly 40 leading chief economists identify three key emerging challenges facing governments and business leaders as the world enters the recovery phase. This is what chief economists think about global economy now


Wharton’s Stephanie Creary and global diversity expert Rohini Anand discuss what it takes to create a culture of inclusiveness. Leading Diversity: Why Listening and Learning Come Before Strategy

We currently exist within a world that is unfrozen from the constraints of routine, habits and norms. By leveraging this moment to explore, experiment, and learn, organizations and their community stakeholders have a unique opportunity to redefine the scope of their priorities and collective actions. Morela Hernandez in MITSloan ManagementReview: What New Normal Should We Create?

How do factories and workplaces re-open while ensuring the safety of their employees, remains the pertinent question. Tejpreet Singh Chopra, former CEO of GE India, writes that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will drive not only employee productivity, but also the safety of the workforce. How AI is helping reopen factory floors safely in a pandemic?


As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, the chances, that you will be exposed and get sick, continue to increase. If you've been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or begin to experience symptoms of the disease, you may be asked to self-isolate. What does that entail? How soon after you're infected will you start to be contagious? And what can you do to prevent others in your household from getting sick? What if you've been exposed to the coronavirus?

A possible consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is a condition — which doctors call stress cardiomyopathy –which appears similar to a heart attack, with symptoms such as chest pain and breathlessness. But its cause is different. Experts believe it reflects a temporary weakness in the heart muscle owing to a surge in stress hormones. Broken Heart Syndrome' Has Risen During Pandemic: Study


Atima Mankotia, Professor OB-HR and Communication at IILM, delves deeper into the bright and dark sides of virtual teams, their historic evolution and how managing virtual teams has now become a much sought-after skill. The Virtual Team Revolution – It’s here to stay!

Dr Vidhisha Vyas, Associate Professor, Economics and International Business at IILM, in her recent article published in The Hindu’s ‘Business Line’, says that despite the pandemic, this new era of start-ups and cash-rich companies has opportunities for M&A activity with strategic deals leading the game. Post-Covid, we'll see big-money M&As

Managing Yourself

Understanding how others experience us is an important tool for change. That’s true in the workplace and especially at home, where we’re often so busy being parents and partners that it’s easy to overlook the impact we have on others. Learn to Solicit Feedback… from Your Kids


Sant Shri Murari Bapu ji, respected spiritual leader, known for philanthropy and social reforms through his discourses, blessed our students, faculty and staff by his visit to IILM on October 22, 2007. In his message he wished IILM success and strength, advising us to continue the good work of sharing our good fortune with the society and country.
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A little more care and empathy can change the world around us. Thank you for reading. Stay healthy.

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